Counter Tops Price

Estimate The Cost of Your Granite Countertops:
There is no need to guess how much your project is going to cost. If you email us a scan plan or a  rough sketch of your kitchen including the lengths and widths of your countertops, our estimators can provide you with an accurate quote within two business days.

If you would like a faster estimate of your project, follow the “quick and dirty” method below.

Quick and Dirty Method
1. Select color and use base note base price per sq. ft. ($45 to $65 per sq.ft)
2. Calculate total surface area (in sq. ft.) of you project (sum of length x width of all of your pieces)
3. Total Area x Price per sq. ft = Total Base Price
4. Select optional features from menu below
5. Base Price + Options = Total

Basic Price Includes:
1. Material (granite counter tops)
2. Standard edge
(curved edge and/or third edge on the counter top not included)
3. Delivery and normal installation of counter tops
4. Final clean-up of installation related debris
Add Other Services: Your Price
1. $200 — 1 top-mount sink cutout  $______
2. $300 — 1 under-mount sink cutout  $______
3. $200 — 1 cook top cutout (different than a slide-in range)  $______
4. $300/kitchen — 4” back splash  $______
US Sales tax (8.75%) Cyprus VAT (15 %) will be charged for the material. No tax will be charged on labor. Total  $______

Please note:

  • All of prices below are based on our pre-fabricated counter tops.
  • Pricing on irregular shapes of counter top may vary.
  • Certain colors or edges may have limited availability.