Granite Peach Flower

Granite Peach Flower is also named Peach Blossom Red and is Top selling granite in lebanon last years, price of cheap but quality is good, it can be used for granite tiles, slabs, countertops, vanity tops, paving stone, kerbsotne, stair and riser, windowsill etc. It can be polished, flamed, honed etc.

Technical Data Peach flower Granite

Name: Peach Red Granite
Place Of Origin: Jinjiang,Fujian,China
Physics Performance
Volume Density: 2.59 g/cm3
Hardness 109 HSD
Warter Absorbtion: 0.39 %
Dry Compression Strengh: 127.8 MPA
Water Saturation Compression Strengh: MPA
Dry Bending Strengh: 15.3 MPA
Water Saturation Bending Strengh: MPA

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