Mapple Red Granit – Grade A

The Maple Red granite is mostly extracted around the city of Cenxi, by more than 20 quarries. Some of these quarries have a very large dimension and incredible production capacity. The blocks extracted can have any size, but it is very common to find very large blocks. It is estimated that there are huge reserves of this granite for future extraction.

The Maple Red is a darker red coloured granite, with gross grain and a fairly uniform background. It presents a colour combination of black, red and grey, with a dominance of the red colour. Its main variations depend on the grain thickness and colour variations. There are several grades for this stone available in the market:
– Maple Red (Big red): a red coloured granite, with well defined red colour and good contrast between the red, grey and black colours. This is the higher grade Maple Red;
– Maple Red (Light): a lighter red coloured granite, with less contrast between its colours and presenting a more greyish tone. This is a lower grade type.

Recommended applications
It is common to find applications of the Maple Red granite on flooring, coverings applications and cladding. It is also common to find this beautiful red granite on staircases, interior decoration applications and some stonework.

Main markets
The Maple Red is a red coloured granite with an increasing demand on the international market. Its main markets are:
– China
– Europe

Alternative names
The Maple Red granite can be found in the market with a diversity of names, also known as alternative names. Some of these names are:
– Cheng Xi Red
– Maple Red Leaf
– Maple Leaves
– Crown Red
– G562 granite

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