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Golden Sinai Marble – Grade A


Product Description
Golden sinai Marble is most popular in Egyptian Market, its light brown as in picture and it is dense and is versatile enough to take honed, brushed, polished and tumbled finishes, it’s very good for Exterior, Interior, Flooring, Water walls, fountains and Bathrooms it’s available in Blocks, Slabs and Tiles –Available sizes: -Blocks -Slabs: 2 cm and 3 cm -Tiles with thickness 1cm, 1.3cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 3cm (30.5 cm x 30.5cm) (40.6 cm x 40.6 cm) (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm) (61 cm x 61 cm) (30 cm x 30 cm) (40 cm x 40 cm) (30 cm x 60 cm) (40 cm x 60 cm) (60 cm x 60 cm) -Special: Cut to size, Steps & Rises, Skirting, Window sills, Countertop, Sink, Shower tray –Available finishes: Polished, honed, brushed, brush hammering, acid treated, tumbled finishes –Recommended use: Exterior, Interior, Flooring, Water walls, fountains, Bathrooms, spas, saunas, showers, Stonewall facing and panels If you have any question freely contact us


Botticino Marble


The Botticino marble is a well-known marble from Italy. It is together with the Carrara marble one of the most famous Italian marbles.

It is extracted in the north of Italy by several quarries with considerable dimension. The blocks extracted are normally quite large.

botticino classico marble Beige coloured marble from Italy. The Botticino presents an uniform beige coloured background, thin grain and some occasional darker coloured vein and signs of calcite.

Its main variations depend mostly on the grain thickness, background uniformity and presence of more or less dark vein and calcite.

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Shira : Brown Marble from Lebanon

US $ 12 – 35 / Square Meter

Type: Limestone Place of Origin: Lebanon Brand Name: shira
Color: Brown color: dark brown, light brown

color: brown (dark or light)
available in these sizes:
30*60, 40*40, 50*50, 60*60, slabs (centimeters)

this product come in two versions: dark brown and light brown

it is similar to the emprador

Prices are:

20*40: 10$/m2 (thickness: 1.0 cm)
30*60: 13$/m2 (thickness: 1.5 cm)
40*40: 15$/m2 (thickness: 1.5 cm)
50*50: 21$/m2 (thickness: 1.5 cm)
50*50: 21$/m2 (thickness: 2.0 cm)
60*60: 24$/m2 (thickness: 2.0 cm)
slabs: 13$/m2 (thickness: 2.0 cm)
slabs: 18.5$/m2 (thickness: 3.0 cm)

prices are for first quality unpolished and FOB beirut

White Granit – Grade A


Synonyms: Barry White, Black + White, Black Silver, Black Spot Gray Granite, Black White Flower, China Luna Pearl, Deep Sea Rock, Dongshi Bai, Dongshi White, Dongjian White, G3540, Luna Pearl, New Grigio Sardo, Padang G 640, Padang Gamma, Padang Grigio, SL Bianco, Small White Flower, Sugar Beige, WG040, White Leopard, White Pearl

Origin: China, Dongshi, Fujian province

Technical and physical characteristics
Bulk density: 2,67 kg/dm³

This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite however in the area of application of the European Standard (EN) this stone must be nominated as granite.

A medium to coarse-grained, grey granite.

Granite: Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granites are usually medium to coarse grained, occasionally with some individual crystals larger than the groundmass forming a rock known as porphyry. Granites can be pink to dark gray or even black, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy.


Slates import Lebanon


Slate in buildings

Slate can be made into roofing slates, also called roofing shingles, installed by a slater. Slate has two lines of breakability: cleavage and grain, which make it possible to split the stone into thin sheets. When broken, slate retains a natural appearance while remaining relatively flat and easily stackable.

Slate is particularly suitable as a roofing material as it has an extremely low water absorption index of less than 0.4%. Its low tendency to absorb water also makes it very resistant to frost damage and breakage due to freezing.

Slate roof tiles are usually fixed using either nail fixing, or the hook fixing method as is common with Spanish slate. In the UK, nailing is typically done with double nails onto timber battens (England and Wales) or nailed directly onto timber sarking boards (Scotland and Northern Ireland). Nails will traditionally be copper, although modern alloy and stainless steel alternatives are known. Both these methods, if used properly, will provide a long-lasting weathertight roof with a typical lifespan of around 80–100 years…